Where we specialize in short lead time, short run jobs of 1 – 5,000 pieces. What’s more, K.Hein can work within just about any time frame, and deliver your job on-time and on budget! We’re your one-stop source for Precision CNC Machining and Milling since 1955! “When precision quality counts, on the job you needed yesterday” Whatever your job requirements, our online free quote service is fast, and we can usually reply with a quote within 1 business day.

Where Quality Does Matter

The quality of our machining and assembly services is outstanding. K. Hein Machines complies with strict quality standards to ensure each and every aspect of your job is done to the correct specifications. We inspect and monitor your job throughout the entire manufacturing process. When we finish your job, you can be assured it has been completed accurately, whether simple or complex in design.